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The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady - Elizabeth Stuckey-French This book was awful. I don't mean kind of awful, I mean if I could give it a negative rating I would do so. I thought the premise and the cover were interesting, but I should know not to judge a book...

This felt like an out of touch old lady trying to be cute and writing a story that she felt would be risqué, but instead it is just stupid. I do not have a lot of time and am already annoyed at the amount of energy I have expended on this novel so I will just quickly point out a few of the most annoying aspects.

Two of the three kids have Aspergers, which seems odd. More odd is that instead of acting like they have Asperger's, they act like they are toddlers. I just recently read David Finch's autobiographical account of Asperger's and by comparison Stuckey-French's characters seem unrealistic.

Second, all the kids act like grade school kids rather than high school kids. Their parents come to their birthday parties and they all know each other from the neighborhood and grad school and church and it is all just too much like some after school special.

Third, I have been to grad school and Vic's characterization, Gigi's attitude, and Katya and Travis seem much more like undergrads than PhD students. Maybe my ideas are wrong because I was in one of the best departments in the country for my field, but I can't imaging FSU is that bad.

The "my mother does not love me" garbage from both Suzi and Caroline instead of being touching and similar was overdone and annoying. It was not poignant that Caroline did not realize that Suzi felt unloved, it was just boring.

I liked that it did not become churchy in the sense that ultimately the point was that Suzi met the bad guy at church, but it was still too preachy for me. I also did it like the foreshadowing that the book started with Suzi worrying about sexual abuse and then getting seduced. I was also not convinced with the whole sexual predator stuff. Suzuki was much more depressed and withdrawn after breaking her leg than after giving Buff a blow job.

Avoid the book, it is boring and unbelievable and waaaay too cutesy.