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Talulla Rising - Glen Duncan I was not impressed. I realized quickly that it was a sequel, but was able to work around that. I started it on Friday afternoon with the kids gone for the weekend and figured it would be a fun, easy, read. Instead I found myself slightly groaning and doing household chores to avoid. It was just not very compelling or interesting for me.

The piece of the book that is new (at least to me) was the idea of a pregnant werewolf. I have not seen that concept before and so was slightly interested. However, it just turned into a rather boring tribute to motherhood.

I was annoyed at all the Delilah Snow references. It took at good 100 pages before Duncan explained what that was all about and then I didn't find it all that horrifying. After all, she is a vampire. And she didn't even eat the baby.

The whole thing was too action adventure. If I wanted to think about it nothing really makes sense plot-wise, it was all too much: "and wait, now this bad guy is coming (dun-dun-dun music added)". I didn't really care about Talulla or the baby wolves. And, of course the fact that all the loved ones are rescued in the end was just too much.

There were a few good quotes: "When something happened that was everything to you you realized it was nothing to everything else." and "Total self-disgust is a kind of peace" and "That's what happens when you keep a secret from someone you love: you start to hate them for allowing you to prove your own willingness to deceive them."

Overall it felt like a Twilight rip-off; just vampire and werewolf fighting with more adult sex scenes. It wasn't really anything special.