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The Borrower - Rebecca Makkai So I have conflicting feelings about this book. I really liked its politics and I enjoyed the cute-sy imitations of children's books throughout. I liked the idea of the main character (a 26 year old English major from college who works at a small town library because she doesn't know what else to do with her life).

However, the whole plot was unbelievable and remarkably boring. For so much of the book Lucy and Ian just drive around and randomly go from one place to another. I was not compelled. I was not surprised that eventually she would send him home. I was not even all that interested in how things were going to turn out in the end. I was also not completely convinced in Ian. At times he seemed 7, othertimes his actual age (10). I have a precocious, well-read 10 year old son and Ian just did not always ring true for me.

However, there were a few good quotes:
"I was strangely deflated when they left. It didn't feel quite right to invite myself along, and I had to work the next morning, but I still felt somehow that these were my people--these crazy, brave, and unapologetic souls--and yet, as useful and I'd been as a prop, they had failed to scoop me up and adopt me, to recognize me as one of their own." I love the emotion captured here in feeling simultaneously accepted and yet not wholly part of the group.

"I no longer believe I can save people. I've tried, and I've failed, and while I"m sure there are people out in the world with that particular gift, I'm not one of them. I make too much of a mess of things. But books, on the other hand: I do still believe that books can save you." enough said.

Overall it was entertaining enough, but not really stellar.