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History of a Pleasure Seeker - Richard  Mason This was an entertaining read. I did not find it either highly literary or highly erotic, but it was entertaining enough. I think my biggest problem with the book was that Mason attempted to write it as if it was 1907 (instead of being just about 1907), but his language was a bit too frank. It wasn't just a historical novel written in 2011; it read (to me) like Mason was emulating the style of early 1900s, but he oftentimes fell flat. Mason's descriptions (especially of the religious fervor) might have been accurate, but they clashed badly with his anachronistic sex language (especially his use of cock and cunt).

There were several good passages and moments of commentary on human behavior, particularly: "His experience of wealthy undergraduates had shown him that many rich men prefer to pay more, rather than less, on the grounds that quality is closely correlated with expense." As a business owner, I have had several conversations with friends about how charging more for a service will garner more respect and possibly more business despite the common sense assumption that this would be the opposite. This passage made me chuckle to myself.

I was also not sure that the entire second part was necessary. If Mason wanted to continue the story, he should have kept going (rather than..to be continued..in Cape Town); if not, he should have left it when Piet left Amsterdam. Instead it just felt like two short sex stories stapled together.

Overall interesting enough with a few poignant moments. Worth the time.