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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey - Walter Mosley So, I am simultaneously stuck feeling like this book is very imaginative and that it is a rip-off of Flowers with Algernon. If I had never read or heard of Flowers, I would have given this book 5 stars.

Mosley does a great job with narration and the change in Ptolemy's voice from the beginning (confused old man) to the middle (clear, intelligent) to the end (near death dreamlike state) is great. But then again, Daniel Keyes does the same thing and, oh yeah, he did it first. Whereas Charlie Gorden gets an amazing mind for a brief time period and has to learn quickly, Ptolemy has the benefit of a past on which to draw. He has lived a full life and has great experience that he is able to unlock with the "Devil's medicine".

Ptolemy's tone is very childlike in the beginning (yeah, yeah, the circle as we return to a child-like state), but Mosley does it well. Ptolemy (even in his dementia) is able to be simultaneously innocent (shocked and appalled by Robyn's face when she attacks Melinda) and knowledgeable (he knows that Hilly has stolen two of his three checks).

Coydog's voice throughout was also a great touch. Ptolemy remembers Coy well in both mental states and his quotes are some of the best in the book. My absolute fav was: "Women deadly serious when it come to kissin'....They laugh all the way there, but when it come down to kissin' they like a cat when she see sumpin' shakin' in the tall grass."

Overall worth the read and a page turner. I would recommend, I just can't quite give it the 5 stars that I wanted.