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Ape House - Sara Gruen I only gave 2 stars to Evolution of Bruno Littlemore, which had lots of issues, but dealt with the whole moral/great apes/human dilemma much better overall than this book. Hence, the 1 star rating.

I kept trying to picture to myself who would enjoy this book and I think it is the same people who read harlequin romance novels. Gruen was trying so ridiculously hard to be "noble" and "passionate" about her ape topic that she has appeared to look up in some source (dare I suggest wikipedia) for some of the required elements in a formulaic novel (bombing, journalists investigating a big scandal, imagined infidelity, marital economic pressure, a wife who wants babies, and a potential lost/unknown child) and just threw them all in haphazardly. I admired that at one point she says that John disliked Amanda's first novel because nothing in it blew up. Certainly, she was concerned that she lost some of her audience with Water for Elephants and so compensated here.

Anyway, we have a main character who does nothing really (he spends a lot of time eating and sleeping for a guy supposedly on a story) but who we are supposed to feel empathy towards when he loses his job (but wait, did he actually do any investigative journalism?). We are also supposed to be impressed when later, a bunch of hacker kids and an injured, grieving scientist hand him all the info for his story.

Besides being unbelievable, annoying, and having a main character who is not very likable, the writing was over the top melodramatic: "To be able to create life with the woman he loved was a miracle of nature, perhaps the deepest need he'd ever felt." Ahhh...now that he knows that the random one night stand 18 years ago with some 40 year old didn't produce a son (and by the way, why does he feel guilty about ONE one night stand with someone who was 20 years older than he was; clearly she was not taken advantage of by him) he need to quickly get his wife preggers.

Overall, extremely disappointing and not worth the time.