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How to Be an American Housewife - Margaret Dilloway Now this is the third book in a roll that has felt overdone and sappy to me. I am starting to wonder (but just a tiny bit) if maybe I'm being too harsh. Nah, probably not.

The whole plot line was too dramatic: her brother catches her after she faints when she discovers that her ex has murdered her star-crossed low class lover who is the father of her child; the uncle has disowned not only Shoko, but also Yasuo, but is eventually turned around by the young and hopefull Helena; they rush home because of the surgery even though they are at least 5 days into a 7 day trip; of course she recovers from surgery and Taro is there; ultimately Sue ends up seeing the doctor. Just overall, it was too "lifetime-movie-y" because none of the characters felt more than 2-dimensional.

I did not like the alternating narrator. I get that Shoku did not travel to Japan, but I think I would have rather had Taro's POV than Sue's. Sue's just felt too repetitive; too much of a constructed echoing and response to Shoku (rather than original or real).

The only quote I liked, I disagreed with: "When you are young, dreams are the reason you pray for a new year and better luck." I think that dreams are always a reason for looking ahead to better luck.

Overall, it was not very entertaining, didn't have much to say and lacked any compelling force.