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Liar & Spy - Rebecca Stead This is a short, quick, adolescent book. The tone was good, something about it reminded me of Judy Blume's Fudge and Superfudge. Georges is simultaneously playing two games of pretend without actually admitting that he is playing either (although he probably doesn't realize what he is doing with the Spy Game). I saw the Mom/hospital thing a ways off (just too odd that she never had any days off and all the adult whispering going on).

My favorite quote was: "I know Mom is right about the big picture. But Dad is right too: Life is really just a bunch of nows, one after the other. The dots matter." I thought all the Seuret references and comments (dots, dots, and more dots) were a bit over the top; I guess it might have been a bit overt and could have used some subtlety.

Overall not a bad young adult story.