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The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man's Quest to Be a Better Husband - David    Finch So I need to start this by saying that for years I have told my husband that I have a mild form of autism/Asperger's. As a grad student in social psychology I read Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures, and I realized that I could very much relate to her way of not relating to other people. He (my husband) picked this book up a week or so ago at the library and has been waving it around the house chuckling while reading it and commenting that he agrees, but if this guy (meaning Dave Finch) is a 9 on the Asperger's scale, I'm a 3. I'm not sure if that is meant as a compliment (after all he means I'm not that bad) or as an insult (there's no reason to blame your ridiculous tendencies on Asperger's, there's probably something else wrong with you, honey). So, there now I can feel like I've gotten my "writing a response to David Finch" persona on. Come on, admit it, I've got a bit of the hang of the tone, right? Right? Or is it just my humor is not coming through on this one?

No, I'm not going to try to write a whole review using his voice, just thought I'd throw all that out there. Overall, the book was better than average (hence the 4 star). He was annoying at times (yeah, I know, that's just him), he was repetitive at times (again), and certainly he's not always the most likeable person (egocentric holy shit). I think it was less a book about Asperger's and more a book about his failing marriage. And, no Dave, Asperger's is not the only reason you don't fold laundry. I have lots of female friends who have husbands who also never touch the laundry. I think your insight into chauvinistic expectations might be closer to the mark.

The book was, though, very approachable, oftentimes funny and extremely honest. I'm sure Kristen (as well as Clint at work, and the neighbors Mary and Andy) feel a bit exposed with some of Dave's revelations, but it was worth the time and energy and a decent read.

Sorry folks, I just wanted to note a quote here "I tried to do what Tom Hanks or Billy Crystal might have done for Meg Ryan were it a Nora Ephron film--I offered my company, without expecting her to want it. It was a tactic that prevented me from leaving more than three or four silly messages on her voice mail at a time and allowed me to pretend as though no time had passed when she finally called."