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Going Underground - Susan Vaught I liked the premise and this was very readable story. As a young adult book it was still thought provoking. I have had lots of conversations about the unfairness of statutory rape charges and that when two people are similar in age, they should both (not just the boy) be held accountable.

I wasn't quite sure that Del would be quite so guilty. I get that he'd be angry and that he would feel outcast, but I would have expected more righteous resentment (rather than guilt) over the issue. I understand that it is hard to talk about and that he would shy away from explaining things to Livia, but I guess I wasn't quite sure that he would be afraid that she wouldn't believe or understand his position.

Overall, certainly worth the time. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to allow my 10 year old (who is recently very interested in sex and all things sexual) read this..I think waiting a year or two makes sense, but it is a good "fear read" for a young boy about thinking before acting and not "putting yourself between a bullet and a target."