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Firefly Lane - Kristin Hannah SAPPY. Oh my god. This book is so sappy and unbelievable and soap operatic that I felt like I needed to wipe the drip off my hands after holding the book (and yes, I read it in paper rather than on my kindle so the dripping syrup analogy would make sense). That said, it was kind of engrossing. It went quick and it was entertaining. Just too over the top for my taste. I think it would have made a great script for a lifetime movie (or an afterschool special if they edited out some of the sex). Everything (and I mean everything) is in here; we have rape and addiction and fame and riches and miscarriages and injured on location reporters and even cancer. It's just DRAMA.

Besides the implausibility of everything in the book, I was several times struck with the thought that Tully and Kate as adults were backwards. Given Tully's longing for a family as a kid and Kate's desire to get out in the world, I would have thought that they might end up in the opposite roles. When Tully tells Mrs. M. that she's gonna be a reporter, she could then change her mind and have trouble admitting this to anyone (just as Kate does in the book). Similarly, Kate could hear this and in competition with Tully (because she did have a lot of sibling rivalry-jealousy) get the passion that instead Tully finds. I think that might have made more sense as they developed and they would have each understood each other better as adults. Just a thought.

Overall it was entertaining, but not really worth much.