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While I'm Falling - Laura Moriarty I'm feeling like I'm in kind of a slump here. The past several books I've read have just been too unbelievable and all the plot-wise events have felt convenient and contrived. This one was not an exception.

For starters, the whole ice storm/accident/trucker pick up event was unnecessary. I think Moriarty was trying to add suspense, but then the trucker just lets her out anyway. Kind of ridiculous. And then, Jimmy was the thug that bullied her like they were in 3rd grade. Totally unbelievable series of events. Certainly he would be bad, but how is he gonna bill her? And keep demanding rides?

Also, too convenient that the one person she knows on campus is Haley/Simone who is also Jimmy's girlfriend (and so finds out about Natalie) and whose mom used to be friends with Natalie.

The Marley character was unnecessary (annoying neighbor from a TV sitcom, really), just there to fuel Veronica's disappointment in herself as a caring person when she blows up. Even if she had to be there, having her mom recently deceased was too much.

I found it distracting that there were 2 chapters from Natalie's POV. I get what Moriarty is trying to say about the sacrifices that mothers make (both as people and workers), but I felt like allowing Natalie to give her perspective but not Dan (the father) was a bit slanted.

Overall it was an okay read, but too contrived.