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The Book of Tomorrow - Cecelia Ahern If I could have given this a zero rating, I would have done so. The premise is stupid...spoiled rich brat kid's Dad commits suicide because he is going broke and so she has to move in with her aunt and uncle in the country and finds a diary that starts out blank, but every day reveals the next day's entry. Soon she discovers the mystery of her own birth and true parentage.

I must say that I knew that there was a parenting twist and that
Tamara older than she thought she was during the first conversation with Sister Ignatius, but I thought that Rosaleen was the true mother, not that Laurie was the true father..so Ahern did throw me for a bit of a loop.

This book was riddled with paragraphs like: "'Give me the key,' I said, grabbing it from Weseley and running from the room. 'I have to get him. I'm not losing him again.' I heard them all calling to me as I ran, but I didn't stop, I didn't listen. I ran through the trees and followed the smell, rand straight toward the bungalow. I had just lost the father who'd raised me. I wasn't about to lose another." BLEECHH..over dramatic crap writing with an unbelievable ridiculous plot. It was way too much like One Life to Live, which I haven't enjoyed since I was 11.