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Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel - Marie Phillips Yuck. I picked this up because it was on a recommended list somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why or by whom. There really is nothing redeeming about this book other than that it took absolutely no concentration and about 3 hours cover to cover.

The premise lacks originality: there are tons of books about Greek Gods in modern times. The "plot twist" is completely predictable, also unoriginal and contains no surprises...really of course Gods lose their power if no one believes in them (at least they aren't fairies who are prone to drop dead randomly as one person professes disbelief). The writing is annoyingly simple, cliched, and almost sitcom-esque in its attempt at humor such as: "'Would the two of you stop swooning over each other and please hurry up?' said Artemis. 'We all know you're in love, but in case you hadn't noticed, the world is ending. The love will keep.'"

As if that is not enough, there are internal inconsistencies in the story. Clearly Apollo is responsible for the sun and early in the book Artemis makes a snide comment about sunrise having been late that morning; a few days later she is surprised to see him up early in the day..WTF isn't he always up, oh yeah before the sun??? Secondly, apparently mortals are not allowed in the house, but they let Alice in AND they make no efforts to disguise themselves or use pseudonyms. Third, Aretemis can't afford her own apartment, but she can afford to pay Alice more than she was previously making (which is the sum total of what Alice has on which to exist on her own in her own apartment). Fourth, I have a note on page 68 when Hermes is first introduced as busy and as being the God of money as to why he has not lost his power...clearly I had already figured out the big kicker that their decline was due to a lack of followers...but Hermes should be stronger now than he was back in the good ole days; not weaker. Fifth, in the underworld it is explained that the concrete items are few and exist only because of the power of the souls that imagine them. BUT how does the newly dead manage to get on the train? They can't even pick up a baby because they lack substance so..how do they walk? get into the train? sit on the bench?

Mindless drivel, not really any better than watching a poorly acted soap opera.