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Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Originally I put both book 1 and book 2 on reserve from the library. After hating book 1 I did not cancel the reserve and when book 2 came in figured I'd read it for the hell of it. As expected, it was not any better.

I continue to be disappointed with the sex. Certainly there is a lot more sex in book 2 (in book 1 the sex was amazingly scarce for something advertised as porn), but only one "non-vanilla" scene. Again, this is not abnormal sexuality. It is just the outline for a bad porn (or late night Lifestyle channel) movie.

Unfortunately, this novel did not even have the hint of deviant development; from the get-go we learn that it is just going to be a sappy love story. The plot sucks; the characters are all stereotypes; the details are inconsistent (especially in regards to Ana's job...I remember in her interview in book 1 she met a nice guy and then in this one we have Jack just for some added drama).

Not worth reading and certainly I won't be reading the third.