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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne Better than the 2nd one, but still not great. Overall, the series was over-rated and Katniss was just not a compelling or interesting main character. Peeta was certainly sympathetic, but in this novel Collins managed to ruin him by programming him to be mean (which reminded me quite a bit of the wiring that is done on the micro level is BZRK).

A lot of my same complaints surface again here (so I apologize to anyone who has suffered through all three of my reviews, but hey they are shorter than the books). Katniss is still negative and unfriendly (in fact on page 8 of this volume she admits "I hate almost everybody now." and her negativity rears its head again when she assumes that she will be incompetent in the propos). There is some inconsistency with the end of the Catching Fire (she sees Finnick in D13 and he is fine, but now in MockingJay Finnick is mentally unstable). Greasy Sae is in the kitchen in D13; again we have the problem of repeating population. I know it is sort of addressed (certainly comments about underpopulation and risks to the future occur sporadically, but still there should be several thousands if not millions of people).

I wasn't sure why all of the main characters (including Haymitch and Plutarch) go on the field trip to D8. Certainly the strategists should stay back at D13. I was relieved to see that in later missions they did stay back, but thought it was odd that they whole group went for the first outing.

In the early strategy meetings and first discussions of the propos, I was unsure why the symbol of the rebellion is still the Hunger Games. Why are the tributes so important? It seems like the focus of the rebellion should be on other things (like starvation and poverty and working conditions and torture), not just the loss of the tributes.

I was astounded that they present democracy as a new concept (with some reference to it as something that was tried in the far distant past). What about other countries? What has happened to Europe in all of this time? Are we really to understand that there is no international trade? Along with this, why are the rebel districts still separate? Shouldn't it just be former district 12, etc? If they are forming a new country would they still retain their previous (Capitol enforced and assigned) identities? Wouldn't they want to unite?

And back to my favorite theme "Katniss is a dolt"; once again we have lots of evidence. She gets hysterical again several times (making me wonder how should could have been so critical of her mother's hysteria after her father's death). It is not until pg 163 that she figures out that Snow is using Peeta to break her down (why did she think he was keeping Peeta for the conversation?). She is also completely selfish throughout. She is convinced that all these deaths have to do with her (and not the fight for independence...hello sweetheart). She in concerned that her actions have put her family at risk (what about all the other people that have nothing to do with her that were killed in D8?). She is completely selfish at all times (concern about Peeta instead of the millions of Capitol slaves) and never really cares about the revolution (simply decides to be the Mockingjay to try to save her friends). Until, of course pg 205 when all of a sudden she declares that she'd do anything for the rebellion (what? huh? no, she just has a vendetta against Snow).

Probably the best thing I can say about Collins is that she is not afraid to kill off her supporting cast and she is honest to the theme (I'm not sure from whence this originates, but I've heard it bunch): Power corrupts all and absolute power corrupts absolutely.