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Getting the Girl - Markus Zusak I had I am the Messanger recommended to me a while ago and liked it. I also enjoyed The Book Thief and so I picked this book up because it was by the same author. When I started reading this yesterday, I realized I had done it again; that is picked up a book that I had already read. And, once again I was disappointed in the second reading.

I know this is a young adult novel, but it did not come across as a touching read about a sentimental young man. Instead, it came across (to me) as a slightly mentally handicapped person looking for love. I realize that Cam is not actually mentally retarded, but I thought he was both times I read this. I think I understand what Zusak is going for, with a touching story about a boy trying to be a man, a brother, and deal with his obessions with sexual feelings while still being a decent human being. But he comes off as a sappy guy who is just not really with it.

Cam is not believable, he is not sympathetic, and the book was boring. Overall the only good thing about it is that it is short enough to read in about 2 hours.