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The Accidental Tourist - Anne Tyler This book took me 3 times longer than it should have to read it. Granted, I have other things going on right now and spent less time than normal reading...but I wasn't as interested in reading BECAUSE I was reading this book.

This is supposed to be a character piece (and I know that there is a movie, but I haven't seen it) and I really hated the character. I really didn't see any development here. I know we are supposed to see Macon's relationship with Muriel as development; he relaxes into a better life. BUT Muriel is not so different from Sarah, who (it turns out) is not so different from Macon's mother...really he just keeps trading for younger versions. The whole thing was repetitive, not funny (although I think she was trying to be), and a drag to read.

I tend to be fairly anal myself and think that I would have liked Macon as a person (and probably gotten along quite well with all the Learys), but I really disliked reading about them.