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The Beautiful White Devil - Guy Boothby In many ways this book is awful. Written in 1897, it is a trashy romance novel, everything is convenient, the heros (who are bad guys) always get away, the crazy plots that they hatch always work, and it is just a quick, easy read. Quite entertaining and on par with a modern author like Ken Follett.

However, Boothby is amazingly forward thinking in his portrayal of women. The heroine is a first class woman. She is intelligent, beautiful, commanding, and respected. She is everything a leader should be, shows courage in the face of danger and is not even once portrayed in any way less than perfect (certainly this could also go with the criticisms above, in that she is not really believable). BUT I am amazed at this perspective for a book that is over 100 years old.

Overall it is an amusing page turner, quite witty and not really ever surprising. A nice quick read with surprisingly feminist thoughts (really compared to A Fair Maiden much more complementary towards women).