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Honore De Balzac's Eugenie Grandet (Classics in French Literature) - Jean E. Peyrazat I have never ready any Blazac and for some reason had it in my head that he was philosophical. Instead, this felt like a mix between Dicken's Christmas Carol (although written beforehand, Monsiuer Grandet is very scrooge-like) and a Jane Austin novel.

I'm not sure why it was titled after Eugenie, she is not really the main character; her father is the driving force throughout 75% of the novel and even after his death, he still manages to ruin her life.

As always in books from this time period, the heroine is foiled in romance because the object of her love fails to understand her true economic position.

Probably the only thing I really liked about the novel is that it didn't clear up in the end and everyone did not live happily ever after. Although, I would have preferred if the "moral" of the story didn't end up feeling like it was in support of a miserly existence.