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Uncle Silas - Victor Sage, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu I generally like gothic novels and the picture on the cover of this one was appealing. Yet again, I found a reference to Ann Radcliffe's Udolpho, which I am going to read next. Overall this was as expected. Young girl in trouble, unable to identify the true villian and in the nick of time she gets her courage and saves herself.

The plot did not hold together as well as it might; we never understood how/why Madame knew Dudley (certainly her attempt for Dudley meet Maud in the Scarsdale Churchyard was one of Silas's original schemes); no one ever explained how/why she needed to come back as the governess again. I thought it would have been much more plausible for another/different woman to have been brought in. I guess the thought was that maybe Silas originally recommended Madame to his brother and that is how she first came to be at Knowls.

Similarly, given Illbury's interest in Maud and his close proximity I was surprised that he did not meet them more often in the woods, especially during her captivity. Wouldn't have been quite as convienent, but maybe more plausible.