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There is a (slight) chance I may be going to hell - Laurie Nitaro This book was absolutely awful. Please do not misunderstand me here, I wish I did not have a policy of finishing everything I read because even though this only took a bit over 24 hours for me to get through, I really struggled with it.

Everything about the set up was contrived and stupid. The characters were simplistic and unbelievable, not to mention not very likable. Maye is just looking for a friend and I could feel Notaro chuckling to herself at her own creativity in devising "adventures" for Maye. BLEECH.

It did make me momentarily think of Portlandia, but that is a skit comedy show that intentionally is overblown. This was a book written for fat old women to read while they eat candy and giggle thinking they are sophisticatedly aware of the ways in which the liberals are too un-self conscious.

The karate kid reference was not cute, but instead falls flat and the idea of getting someone high on donuts could not really be believable to anyone over the age of 10.

Do not come near this book, there was absolutely nothing redeeming.