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The Last Kind Words - Tom Piccirilli This is an over dramatic expository novel, but it was entertaining. It was poorly constructed, the characters are all very transparent and nothing is really surprising or all that compelling. The text is very preachy in the sense that the reader is repeatedly told things like, "we Rands don't do that" or "no one in the family ever talks to each other."

I found it annoying that they could supposedly read each other's minds so easily, but then Terry was always worried that Collie was lying to him. I was frustrated that ultimately the plot twist was that Alzheimer's makes you crazy (which it doesn't, not really and not in the sense of the "underneath").

The text was frequently overwritten as in: "That angry child's cry of want, I want. Mine. Mine. Mine. Thieves were a covetous lot by definition, but I wondered if anyone in my family had ever been as green-eyed and greedy as I was now." Blecch. Besides the bad description, I was really (and I mean really, really, really) tired of hearing about what thieves are and what they do by about the 10th page of the book. I was also rather fed up with all the self-pity and "I've failed my family yet again" garbage.

Overall there is nothing fabulous about it, but the story flows and it was a quick entertaining light book (well, except for the fact that the content isn't all that light).