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Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel The title of this book is so misleading. I picked it up because I saw it on a bunch of "to read" lists and I have not really read anything about Jane Seymour. The first paragraph I realized, I've read this. It's not about Jane Seymour, it's about Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII...hmm. But then I figured I should write a review so I read the damn thing. It's long, it's dense, and I did not find the prose particularly enlightening or enhancing or otherwise worthy of a second read. Overall it is less personal than I like my historical fiction to be (lots of glossing, lots of almost text book like.."October 1532; Parliment is yet again discussing"...blah blah).

I do think more of the history stuck this time; I have read some other Tudor/Boleyn stuff and I think I am more familiar with the entire political setting this time around and so it was a worthwhile read in the sense that I feel like I know a bit more about how things happened (assuming that Mantel is historically accurate).

But it wasn't about Wolf Hall and that misnomer made me pick it up twice, which I just find annoying.