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The Center of Everything - Laura Moriarty I started this yesterday and about 20% in it reminded me of something. A short while later I realized that I had in fact read this book before and started remembering everything that was going to happen. I went ahead and finished it because I didn't think I remembered it well enough to write a decent review and I was really not liking it and thinking that if I was going to rate it as a 2, I needed to at least finish the stupid thing.

I like the beginning; the narrator's voice is believable for a 10 year old and we really can emphasize with Evelyn. However, she is supposed to be intelligent and as she grows, her voice stays not only naive, (which is not quite believable given where she lives and how experienced her friends are at all sorts of stuff) but also simplistic and slightly vacant.

I get that Moriarty is trying to be profound and show the troubles that girls encounter as they go through puberty; I get that Evelyn is trying to not repeat her mother's mistakes while simultaneously trying to figure out how her teachers and her grandmother can be such at odds...but really the whole evolution vs. Genesis stuff was hackneyed and made me groan. If Evelyn is even half as bright, inquisitive, and scientific as we are supposed to believe that she is then she would have dropped the religious bullshit early on.

I do like Evelyn's relationship with Travis and the complexities inherent in the "love triangle". Best thing about the book is the cover art; it made me pick it up twice.